Every bottle of Henderson Whiskey is meticulously blended for a unique taste profile. Experience mellow flavor with oaky highlights, subtle flavor undertones and a silky smooth finish.


Henderson the bootlegger was a natural-born rebel, and his bold spirit lives on in new whiskey flavors that break the mold.

After years of experimenting and a whole lot of batch sampling, our distillers created three flavored whiskies worthy of the Henderson name.

Vanilla Whiskey

We gave your favorite whiskey a sweet hint of vanilla so pure that you’ll think it was shaved fresh from the bean. Blending Henderson flavor with a touch of rich vanilla creates a beautifully balanced, full-bodied flavor profile that carries lowkey hints of oak and caramel, with the perfect amount of sweetness. Enjoy this delicious infusion neat or on the rocks, or use it to breathe new life into your favorite whiskey cocktails.

Peach Whiskey

Few fruits capture the spirit of the South quite like fresh peaches. Just one taste will take you back to the days of warm pie and peach tea on the front porch. Now, our master blenders bring together peaches and whiskey for the ultimate Southern drink. Shake up your whiskey routine any time of year with fresh sweetness and woody notes that can be enjoyed straight up or blended into the perfect summer cocktail.

Apple Whiskey

If you’re looking for a fun, flavorful twist on traditional whiskey, reach for a glass of our new Henderson Apple Whiskey. It’s the blend you already know and love infused with the sweet pucker of green apple, for a surprisingly delicious taste that goes down smooth. Real whiskey fans and newcomers alike will enjoy this creative take on a classic. Try it in your next shot, snifter or refreshing mixed cocktail for a crisp pop of unique flavors.


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